When you join our team you’ll discover a truly international outlook. Our commitment to work towards a global audit methodology is helping us deliver a world-class service to our UK clients and beyond. 


Video transcript

An audit of the financial statements of an entity is really an independent examination and ultimately we prepare a report that attests to the truth, and fairness and the presentation of the financial statements. The benefit to clients is that independent review and interrogation of the operations, the financial statements, the presentation of those figures to the market. The real benefit for the client is that interrogation - but also perhaps the assurance that it gives them and their ability, perhaps, to take a document to a third party and again that third party getting assurance that a firm like RSM has an expressed opinion on the preparation of their financial statements.

Since the UK firm joined the international network a couple of years ago, it's really been an exciting time. The international secondment opportunities have improved and we've also committed to work towards a new global audit methodology. In doing that, we're working with our clients and with our staff to ensure that we take feedback from them - to ensure that we have something that's world class, but also something that we, as the team, can feel proud of being part of.

Many people have asked me why I enjoy working in audit - after all, I've spent my whole career in audit. For me, it's the variety. It's working with a range of clients. But ultimately, it's helping all of our teams achieve their own personal aspirations, achieving qualifications, achieving success, and that for me is what I enjoy about working in audit.