Employer services

We are always innovating and finding new ways to support our clients. Looking forward, we want to grow our practice by bringing in top talent across our development and support areas, as well as delivery.


Video transcript

Employer services delivers a range of back-office services via the cloud - these are payroll, online accounting, paying bills services for the recruitment sector, time and billing software, and company secretarial. The benefits for client are that they can buy into our outsourced services, it’s a more efficient solution for them, and it may well be a more cost-effective solution for them – especially if they’re looking to grow, if they’ve got changes in their business, or there are other issues that they need to address such as moving operations, being separated from a larger entity, something like that. 

The exciting things coming up are the new platform we’re launching for clients to access our systems via mobile phones, also the combined HR and payroll service. These are all going to impact on our current staff in that it gives them new opportunities to develop their skills, and we will be growing the practice – we’re looking to take on more staff into both the development and support areas, but also into the delivery areas. 

The great thing that I enjoy about working in employer services is that we are an innovative part of the RSM business, working to develop new ways of supporting our clients. For the team as a whole, this means they’re working with cutting-edge, frequently cloud-based solutions that enable them to support our clients and develop their own skills as well as the firm’s business.