Risk advisory

Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) compliance services - beyond just following the rules

Delivered by one of the UK's leading business advisory firms, our risk management experts provide a risk-based approach tailored to your SOX compliance requirements.

A tailored approach to meet your specific internal controls and SOX compliance needs

Our Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) compliance services team not only helps identify your financial reporting risks and develop efficient ways to mitigate them - but can also advise on the most efficient way to address your controls needs. Our solutions are meticulously structured to offer an updated framework that reduces risk – easing the burden on your internal teams and decreasing the likelihood of falling foul of critical regulation. 

Our SOX compliance offering

We are on hand to help you meet the requirements of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. Working closely with your teams, we’ll determine your readiness for a compliance programme, review your areas of compliance and non-compliance, and help you optimise your approach to risk.

Regardless of how mature your approach to SOX is, our risk assurance team can advise and support you across these core areas:

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Getting you ready for SOX

We undertake a SOX readiness assessments of your organisation to determine how prepared you are to implement a compliance programme. 
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Reviewing your SOX compliance

We undertake compliance reviews to determine whether your company is meeting the core requirements of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. 
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Optimising your SOX approach

Using a risk-based methodology, we will assess the controls you have in place to mitigate identified risks. This allows us to identify any control weaknesses that management should address.
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Providing additional risk services

As part of our wider risk assurance service, we offer robust, reliable assurance and advisory services spanning internal audit, technology risk, financial services compliance, fraud risk and international development funding.

Why choose RSM to provide SOX compliance?

RSM’s risk assurance practice is one of the largest and most highly regarded in the UK. We draw on our experience across central and local government, multinational businesses, start-ups and charities to help our clients unleash their potential and protect stakeholder value.
Over 350 risk specialists delivering 50,000 internal audit days every year
Highly qualified risk experts working to international quality standards
Insight drawn from over 650 clients and 15,000 recommendations every year
32 offices across the UK, backed by a global network of RSM firms enabling us to bring a plethora of insights and experience providing additional levels of value as part of our service

What are the organisational benefits of utilising our SOX compliance service?

RSM has the right people, processes and technology to create an effective SOX program that meets your needs. Working in partnership with you, our teams can help you improve efficiency, reduce internal workload and accelerate compliance execution.
  • Beyond regulatory compliance
  • Highly qualified teams
  • Access to wider risk services
  • Cross industry expertise

Beyond regulatory compliance

Providing additional critical benefits

Our SOX compliance services enables your organisation to prioritise its business risk by providing you with a consolidated view of your risks and objectives. This will also provide critical benefits such as:

  • improved financial reporting;
  • improved corporate governance;
  • more accountability; and 
  • better overall business performance.

Highly qualified teams

Highly experienced and qualified teams

To ensure our advisory services are delivering a premium service to our clients, we hold market leading certifications for IT Audit (CISA, QiCA, CISSP, CEH, CPT), Information Technology (ITIL, CCNA, CCNP, MSCE, MSDN) and general accounting and internal audit (ACA, IIA).

With trust and confidence from the start, we can provide you with specialist teams that can help you navigate the most complex digital challenges and opportunities.

Access to wider risk services

An extensive team of risk practitioners

We have over 100 Technology and Cyber Risk and Advisory staff to draw upon to help provide assurance that your risks associated with areas such as cyber and information security, change programmes and transformations, third party and cloud, operational resilience, IT controls and compliance, and emerging technology are effectively managed.

Cross industry expertise

Dedicated industry specialists

Given our size and scale, we have experience across many different industries. Our clients benefit from our breadth of knowledge as we tailor solutions to the specific challenges and opportunities faced by different sectors.

Our industry specific teams ensure sector knowledge and expertise is spread across our business and our experience ensures our clients receive solutions that are precise, relevant, and effective in helping them achieve their objectives. 


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