Player Performance Study results

Since 2016 we’ve been working with the European Tour on the RSM Player Performance Study – with the ambition of understanding the key drivers of player performance at the elite level in golf.

The study collected data on 47 European Tour professionals over five tournaments, 304 rounds of golf and 22,579 shots. Led by Dr Matt Bridge, Senior Lecturer in Coaching & Sports Science at the University of Birmingham UK, the study revealed three key findings:

1. spending less time over the ball could earn a European Tour player an extra €189k per season;

2. quicker shots improve performance. A shorter time over the ball across all putts results in a 90 per cent increase in the likelihood of strokes gained; and

3. consistency of time spent over the ball leads to a greater chance of making the cut. When players are more consistent in rounds one and two they are 50 per cent more likely to make the cut compared to less consistent players.

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