Play like a pro - how to improve your game

Following the results from the RSM Player Performance Study we’ve asked various European Tour players for their advice in helping amateurs improve their game.

Tip one: be committed to the shot you decide to play

Be committed to whatever you are trying to do. It’s easy to address the ball and question your club choice or ask “is the wind off to the right, or is the wind into me?” Once you commit to the shot, stick with it and believe in your choice. Edoardo Molinari.

Tip two: develop your own pre-shot routine 

  • take one-two practice swings; 
  • always stand behind your ball to identify your start line;
  • don’t stand over the ball too long, a shorter time will give you the best chance to play better shots and make more putts; and
  • there is no need for more than one-two looks to target once at the ball.

Tip three: practice with purpose

Don’t practice to get a better swing - practice to play better shots. Play holes on the courses that you are going on creating fairways and targets from the markers on the range.

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