European business services

Economic and political uncertainty in Europe due to the on-going Greek debt crisis and referendums on EU membership in several countries pose a significant potential challenge to businesses across Europe. We can bring together experts from across the region to help you deal with this uncertainty.


Our German desk offers specialist advice in coordination with our colleagues at RSM in Germany.  Whether you are looking to expand your business into Germany or have established operations there, we have the resources you need to successfully conduct business.

For further information please contact the Head of Germany Desk - Graham Ricketts


Our French desk team have a wealth of experience with Anglo-French trade and work closely with RSM in France to provide seamless advice, whether your business already has operations in France or you are looking to operate there.

For further information please contact the Head of France Desk - Rowan Williams.

Brexit - time to plan

There is no doubt that Brexit will have far-reaching impacts, with reverberations felt across every sector. Many in the business world will understandably be concerned.

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