Asia Pacific business services


Business opportunities between the UK and China are expected to increase following the first state visit of a chinese President to the UK in over a decade in 2015. The Chinese foreign ministry has said that the trip will result in the signing of agreements worth a 'huge' amount of money, which in turn will lead to a 'golden era' in ties between the two countries. 

George Osborne, who visited China ahead of the state visit, expects there to be a 'golden relationship' between the two countries that will 'foster a golden decade' for Britain. It is the Chancellor’s view that China will become the economic centre of the globe, and Britain should not just embrace its rise, but become its best partner in the West.

Our designated China desk has the insight and experience to assist both Chinese investors into the UK and UK companies expanding into China. Working closely with our colleagues at RSM in China, we can offer specialist advice and support tailored to your particular business needs.

For more information on our services in China please contact Paul Watts - Head of Asia Pacific and China Desks


Given the dramatic rise of the Indian economy over the past few years, together with the continuing relaxation of government restrictions, India provides massive opportunities for UK businesses looking to invest and grow internationally.

Furthermore, the success of businesses in India has significantly increased the appetite of Indian businesses seeking new global opportunities, including significant investment in the UK.

Our dedicated India desk provides advice and practical assistance to UK businesses wishing to explore business opportunities in India and to companies and individuals from India wishing to conduct business or invest in the UK. 

Working closely together with our RSM member firm in India, we use our substantial technical and commercial expertise to provide a seamless service across the UK/India corridor to help companies maximise opportunities both in India and the UK.

For more information on our services in India please contact Suneel Gupta - Head of India Desk.