Trees for Cities

Trees for Cities (TfC) is an independent environmental charity that inspires people to plant and love trees across the UK and around the world.

TfC aims to help improve the environment and beautify landscapes while creating social cohesion. It achieves this through tree planting as well as community-led design, education and training initiatives, and food growing projects. By involving local residents, schools and community groups, the charity helps to ensure knowledge and skills are transferred to help safeguard sustainability in green spaces.

Since it was established in 1993, TfC has planted over 575,000 trees in streets, housing estates and parks, engaging with over 125,000 people and organisations.

Through Trees for Cities, RSM has been able to demonstrate our commitment to the local community. Since 2015, volunteering and financial support from RSM has enables more than 200,000 trees to be planted across numerous sites including several near London, Birmingham and Manchester.