Employer Toolkit

The UK’s leading business advisory firms, RSM’s online employer toolkit provides you with a one stop portal for up to date human resource support and advice for employee matters.

Keeping you informed and mitigating your employment risks

The Employer Toolkit has been created by our dedicated team of human resource specialists. It draws on extensive professional knowledge and years of collective experience advising organisations of all sizes in all sectors across the UK. Through easy online access this wealth of information is delivered to you in a clear, practical and easily accessible format.
  • Instant access
  • Comprehensive resource
  • Accurate information
  • Ideas and Insights
  • Our employee services team
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Instant access

The Employer Toolkit is a cloud based portal that allows you to log in from anywhere and gain immediate access to a wealth of employment information. Employee issues can occur out of the blue so having a source of information readily available at the point you need it ensures good practice and more informed decision making.

Comprehensive resource

Containing over 100 easy to use forms and template letters, the Employer Toolkit is designed to cover the entire employment lifecycle from onboarding through to resignation. Regardless of the employee issue, our extensive range of content will provide you with all the guidance, templates and practical advice you’ll need.

Accurate information

Changing employment legislation and regulations causes unnecessary pressure for managers. Today’s employees are more informed of their rights than ever before, and not only that, are quick to take action when they feel aggrieved. The Employer Toolkit gives employers the assurance that the documents they are using are compliant with current employment legislation and follow best practice.

Ideas and Insights

Our expertise draws from compliance, risk, employment law and best practice guidance from the CIPD. This information is presented to you in simple but practical terms to help you deal sensibly with arising challenges or plan well for the future.

Our employee services team

Our CIPD qualified team of experienced HR consultants has expertise across a variety of sectors within the UK and Europe. In addition to the Employer Toolkit, our wider employee services include HR consultancy, payroll, employment legal or employment tax advice.

Brochure download

The Employer Toolkit is a rich resource and provides an excellent foundation for any company’s HR administration, regardless of size. Learn more about all the extensive features and benefits this innovative portal can bring to your organisation.

Why use our Employer Toolkit?

Keep on track 200x200

Keeps you on track

Ensures you stay on top of your employee data and processes, giving you peace of mind.
Save time 200x200

Saves you time

Easy access to your client portal and RSM helps you get the right information, quickly.
Save money 200x200

Saves you money

Cost effective way to give you the right information and tools to move forward.
Peace of mind 200x200

Peace of mind

Our toolkit gives you the necessary information to make informed decisions for your organisation.
Compliant records 200x200

Compliant records

A broad range of templates and documents to utilise for your employment matters.

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