Corporate tax compliance

Large and international businesses are under increased scrutiny to ensure they pay the right amount of tax. Ensuring you comply with tax rules in all the countries in which you operate is essential as any perceived ‘avoidance’ could come under fire. 

Our corporate tax compliance service will reassure you that your UK and international tax compliance obligations are effectively managed. We’ll also add value by helping you manage tax risks and operate in a tax-efficient way.

We’ve worked closely with many large international businesses. We’ll do the same with you to understand your needs from the very start, so we can create a successful compliance process that’s tailored to your needs.

This may include:

  • helping you develop an overall group tax strategy;
  • developing a rolling agenda tracking the key tax risks and opportunities;
  • working closely with HMRC customer compliance managers;
  • bespoke report templates to assist with compliance reviews, such as controlled foreign companies, corporate interest restriction and group planning tools;
  • helping with group tax reporting that’s tailored to your needs;
  • working with you to ensure you comply with the Senior Accounting Officer (SAO) regime; and
  • managing the tax compliance requirements of overseas operations.

We’ll also consider other taxes, such as VAT, customs duties and employment taxes.

Local knowledge on a global scale

We work with partners from RSM Global’s worldwide team to provide you with local knowledge on a global scale. You’ll get international experience and the attention and accessibility of regionally-local  senior team members, who will add value to your compliance processes.

Contact our team today to find out more about our corporate tax compliance service.

James Morris
Partner, Head of Corporate Tax
James Morris
Partner, Head of Corporate Tax