Working as part of an established health and care consulting team, we provide advanced analytics and intelligence to support planning, strategy and evaluation at national, system and service level.

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Our team of specialists includes analysts, economists, statisticians, evaluators and data scientists, supported by subject matter expertise drawn from the global RSM business and a network of advisors who bring academic rigour, clinical expertise, and specific skills to our engagements.

We are passionate about the health and wellbeing of populations and making a difference through our work. We work together with our clients and their stakeholders to build engagement and add insight to support planning, strategy and policy decisions - to ultimately improve health and care outcomes.

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To find out more about how our health and care analytical specialists can help you, please contact Steve Hodgson.

How we help

RSM has a strong background in supporting health and care systems through its analytics, economics, research and evaluation capabilities, providing the insight to support planning, strategy and policy decisions and ultimately improve outcomes.

We offer a broad portfolio of analytical and economic support deployed at a national, system and service level, combined with in-depth knowledge of health and care systems.

Our analytical approaches respond to the priorities and challenges facing health and care systems, supporting all key stages of planning and delivery including

  • Assessment;
  • Planning;
  • Implementation and monitoring;
  • Evaluation.

Assessment – We carry out analysis and reviews of population health and care needs and opportunities – this includes situational analysis and priority setting in order to inform decisions for health and care providers and commissioners, based on population segmentation and impacts on inequalities and outcomes.

Planning – We provide analytical modelling of health and care systems through to pathways with predictive analytics to understand and evidence the impact of interventions and new models of care. This includes techniques for scenario modelling and option appraisal. Our team has developed tools and techniques for the modelling of demand, capacity, workforce, and financial flows across multiple health and care settings using a population health approach to support planning.

Implementation and monitoring – We deliver active monitoring of outcome, process and balancing measures in the short, medium and long-term. We utilise dashboards and bespoke analytics to support operational improvements, identifying signals in variation to interpret, support and evidence required actions.

Evaluation – We evaluate the effectiveness of interventions at an organisational, system, regional and national scale. We carry out robust impact and economic evaluations, and deploy a range of advanced analytical, statistical and health economic techniques.

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Analytical techniques

We provide evidence for change through advanced analytical and economic approaches. Our capabilities span the analytical pipeline through initial data collection, processing and visualisation – and the interpretation to create intelligence.

Advanced analytics and statistical approaches – Techniques include forecasting and predictive modelling through time series analysis (including ARIMA and hierarchical models), causal modelling, multivariate regression, instrumental variable approaches, matching methods (such as Nearest Neighbour and Propensity Scores), and Difference-in-Difference approaches. 

Healthcare modelling - Including scenario modelling that can help understand the range of potential futures for health and care systems, and the potential impact of changes. We also use probabilistic sensitivity analysis (PSA) to quantify the level of confidence in model output in relation to the uncertainties that may effect services. Our health economic modelling includes Markov models and decision tree analyses to conduct cost-effectiveness (cost-utility) analyses of health and care interventions, as well as survival analysis for long-run projections of interventions.

Value for Money – We provide analysis on value for money to inform spending decisions including cost-effectiveness and return on investment. We have developed economic models to inform decision making to support health and care spending decisions. Our models range from cost-benefit analysis through to econometric analysis, including the development of interactive tools. 

Options appraisal approaches – We use techniques such as multi-criteria decision analysis, leading to the development of business cases to support sustainability planning and the appraisal of options to help decide future plans for health and social care services, with associated cases for change.

We firmly believe that analytical tools are a vehicle for the journey to actionable insight and not the destination in itself, and utilise a range of tools including Excel Modelling, Alteryx, R, Python, Power BI to achieve the best insights. We combine our capabilities and supplement with specialist software where required, for example we utilise spatial analysis and combine geospatial with our other modelling capabilities to create GIS dashboards and visualisations.

Our approach is based on engagement with health and care system stakeholders at all stages – this is key to understanding priorities, in validating our analytical models, and creating insight for our clients.