We are a leading provider of assurance consulting services to international institutions and the donor community, and we are passionate about making a difference.

Donors and implementing partners of international institutions have a responsibility to ensure funds are disbursed effectively and efficiently. This responsibility applies not only when a donor is procuring directly in support of its programmes, but also when funds are being managed by contractors, NGOs, recipient governments or other development partners.

Our international development assurance team provides a range of consultancy support and assurance services to international institutions and the donor community. We provide meaningful insight developed through extensive experience working in a wide range of environments and countries, with:

  • governments;
  • civil society;
  • faith groups;
  • the private sector;
  • internationally financed organisations; and
  • bilateral and multilateral global donors.

With a client-centric approach, we offer:

  • fully outsourced and co-sourced internal audit services;
  • proactive and reactive investigations;
  • risk management and fraud risk assessments;
  • consultancy and capacity development;
  • technology risk assurance;
  • due diligence assessments; and
  • data analytics and emerging technologies consultancy.

We work closely with our colleagues in the UK and globally to facilitate and manage a number of frameworks providing donor specific compliance audits, financial statement audits and grant funding reviews, providing you with a one-contract management solution.

Industry leading expertise

We predominantly work with multilateral agencies, governments, financing institutions and implementing agencies in some of the world’s most challenging locations. With expertise in last mile auditing that is to the point of spend.

As a key partner for assurance consultancy to some of the world’s largest development donors, agencies and implementers. We:

  • are the strategic partner to the UK Government for internal audit services;
  • are a key partner for global audit and investigation services to multiple United Nations bodies;
  • are a key global investigations partner to one of the world’s largest disease eradication funders;
  • are the fully outsourced internal audit and risk management services provider to several UK based leading international NGOs;
  • are the provider of fully outsourced internal audit and risk management services for two United Nations bodies delivering to OIOS standards;
  • have extensive expertise in auditing programme implementation;
  • have undertaken over 60 major investigations into donor funding;
  • provide fraud risk assessments to United Nations bodies;
  • developed the Proactive Risk Assessment Programme for a major donor to deliver its programme of activity;
  • brought our extensive expertise of social cash transfer programmes to enhance new SCTP programme controls; and
  • supported five Supreme Audit Institutes in Africa undertaking their first forensic investigations.

Case studies

Explore our case studies supporting clients on internal audit, funding assurance, fraud and other investigations, and capacity development consultancy.