Who uses tracker?

Who uses tracker?

Management teams

Tracker makes it not only possible, but also genuinely practicable to review an entire client portfolio. It gives managers up-to-date information that is directly relevant to current clients’ ability to pay. Prompt action can then be taken in the event the system highlights working capital issues. For example, if a client has a low credit score, you can ask your credit control team to contact the client and negotiate new credit terms. The Gold-Silver-Bronze health ratings provided by PRM are an important additional management tool, allowing strategic decisions across different client groups.

Sales teams

Vetting prospects in advance both saves on marketing costs and avoids exposure to future bad debts. Tracker allows sales teams to review companies’ financial histories, giving an idea of ability to pay, assets and recent credit history. For professional service firms, Tracker also lists auditors/advisers, giving insights into the kind of service that may have been offered, previously. Start-up businesses can be monitored using Tracker, even when an accountant has not been appointed.


Finance teams can use Tracker to monitor all clients and analyse associated financial risks. As Tracker uses real time data sources, it also reduces the chances of fraud within business operations. Tracker data allows finance teams to provide financial institutions with client book risk summaries. This is especially important if further finance is required for day-to-day running or expansion. It is worthwhile noting that Companies House documents can be downloaded or monitored via Tracker.

Credit control

Many business owners cite late payment as a major point of concern. Tracker allows credit control and/or risk teams to avoid late payments by presenting all financial information in one system, including the Gold-Silver-Bronze ratings made possible by PRM. This means that analytical reviews can be completed quickly, and before credit terms are assessed.


Using Tracker allows marketing teams to target businesses that are financially stable in specific regions and with specific search criteria. Tracker enables the use of qualified data lists, rather than poorly targeted mass mailings. Green alerts from PRM are an important new business resource, showing prospects or clients whose fortunes are improving. Mailing lists can be highly specific – for example, Tracker could be used to select businesses in the North West, in a particular sector, with a credit score above 50 and a turnover of £5m+.

How long does it take for my business to have access to Tracker?

Once we've received your order form, the Tracker support team can set up your account within one working day.

Do you have a dedicated support team who can answer any questions and provide training?

We have a team based in Brentwood, Essex, which supports data related queries, ensuring our clients get prompt and accurate responses to enquiries.  This team also offers a range of training options to suit our clients’ needs and to ensure they get maximum value of the system’s functionality.

Can it be used by all organisations?

Tracker is a product that all businesses can use, whether they're in the private, professional or public sectors. It is a portfolio management tool which helps all business owners manage risks and avoid bad debts, as well as target new business.

Can I review my clients, suppliers' and competitors' credit scores using Tracker?

Tracker has the ability to show up-to-date credit scores, but the system also lists credit histories, allowing you to review historical credit scores over previous years.

How many users can use Tracker under your basic package?

Our basic package allows up to six users to have access to Tracker.

Other questions?

If you have any questions or issues that are not covered in the FAQs, please contact a member of the Tracker support team by phone on +44(0)1277 206444, by email at support@tracker-online.com.

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