Tracker uses a range of real-time sources to alert you to changes in the financial health of your clients and suppliers. Now you can avoid bad debt by responding quickly to the alerts you receive.

Tracker ensures that you have a current and complete picture of the financial position of your client portfolio and supplier base. To achieve this, the system monitors an extensive range of real-time, trusted data sources.

And because information is constantly updated, Tracker can quickly show you important changes. These range from a change of director through to unadvertised petitions or CCJs. You can then identify problems and take the appropriate action - before your business suffers a bad debt.

The full list of sources includes all the following:

  • all registered UK companies;
  • full financial accounts (10 years);
  • Companies House documents;
  • directors and shareholders;
  • mortgages and charges;
  • CCJs (satisfied/unsatisfied);
  • the bankruptcy and insolvency register;
  • petitions;
  • administration orders;
  • voluntary liquidations; and 
  • unadvertised petitions.

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Tracker Tracker


Access and monitor company credit scores and health to reduce chances of bad debt and make informed decisions.