Our Centres of Excellence are dedicated groups of subject matter experts specialise in specific areas of economic and policy analysis – business case, econometrics health analytics and social impact. These centres focus on developing, updating, standardising and sharing best practice to support learning and development. RSM’s Centres of Excellence provide thought leadership to our valued clients, in the four areas below.

  • Business Case
  • Econometrics
  • Health Analytics
  • Social impact

Business Case

A robust business case is fundamental for the success of any investment project. It is the initial tool to establish the validity of any investment decision. At RSM, our approach to business case development is based upon the well-established HM Treasury Green Book and “Five Case Model”. Our best practice business case process enables you to review the strategic fit of your project to your goals, evaluate the value for money, commercial viability, financial affordability and deliverability of the project.

Our Business Case  Centre of Excellence provides up-to-date technical guidance and training on business case delivery (ie  the strategic, economic, commercial, financial, and management cases) across a wide range of policy domains and project types, as well as providing expertise in project management, economic option appraisals, risk management and business case assurance.

RSM’s business case experience spans many industries and sectors. We are here to help you make the right decision for your project’s next steps at every stage of the development lifecycle. Our accredited team will help you engage with your stakeholders and approval boards, to demonstrate the benefits and help manage the risks of your project.


Econometrics is a statistical approach to answering economic questions. It relates to the changes in economic variables of interest, in response to changes in inputs . This allows one to quantify and predict the impacts of business decisions or policy interventions and make forecasts about the future.

Econometrics is emerging as being fundamental to public and private sector institutions, alike. At RSM, we have a bespoke project-specific approach driven by both Magenta Book guidance as well as private sector best practice.

RSMs’ modelling experience spans several industries and sectors. Our offer includes the analysis and interpretation of results to fit practical needs. We will also support you to engage with wider stakeholders and communicate key results and insights.

Health Analytics

Our health and care clients face increasingly complex demands from ageing populations with increasing needs. We bring a data-driven and evidence-based approach to improve services and population health, though a combination of analytical and economic expertise and significant domain experience in health and social care services.

Our Health Analytics Centre of Excellence helps health and care systems to better understand their population health needs and opportunities. This is achieved through situational analysis; evidence-based health and care planning through modelling; and advice on future improvements through robust impact and economic evaluations.

Advanced analytical approaches underpin our work. We apply robust modelling techniques and predictive analytics, and use a range of advanced analytical, statistical and health economic techniques to provide the insight and intelligence to inform operationally meaningful decisions. Our centre of excellence is supported by a network of advisors and partner organisations who bring academic rigour, clinical expertise and specific skills. Central to our approach is engagement with stakeholders across health and care systems at all stages of the analytics process.

Social impact

Social impact is the change that a project, programme, intervention or organisation has created or effected over time. This could be social, economic and/or environmental. Measuring social impact is crucial to understanding, managing and communicating the social value created in a clear and consistent way.

At RSM, our dedicated centre of excellence in social impact measurement helps organisations to ‘measure the un-measurable’. Our approach to measuring social impact is based on the well-established Principles of Social Value to account for the value that is being created or removed.

Our specialist team can help you:

  • set the scope and identify stakeholders;
  • map outcomes;
  • measure change;
  • value change;
  • understand social value and social impacts;
  • model SROI; and
  • effectively utilise sensitivity analysis within reporting of social value and return on investment.

Our best practice processes provide a greater understanding of the benefits being realised for individuals and / or wider society which can be used to inform future investment decisions. We also help to tell your social impact story by presenting evidence in a simple, accurate, and compelling way.

Jenny Irwin
Jenny Irwin
Partner, Strategy, Economics and Policy Consulting
Jenny Irwin
Jenny Irwin
Partner, Strategy, Economics and Policy Consulting