Portfolio Risk Manager (PRM) is a live interactive reporting tool, which allows our clients to identify, categorise and manage risk within their lending portfolios, customer base or supply chain. Used by banks, asset-based lenders, utility companies and business owners, it currently cleanses the data of over a million business records every day.

The PRM system grants users access to a variety of customisable dashboards, which include analysis on credit risk, regional risk reviews, director linkage, insolvency trend analysis, working capital pressures, sector analysis, insolvency ripple effects, introducer performance ladders and company/product profiling. The advanced interface undertakes continual data cleansing and reviews historic trigger points, allowing users to improve data integrity and benefit from predicting potential future issues through this interactive product.

Here are some key features of how PRM can benefit our clients:

  • Whole-portfolio health ratings: Drill down into the segment of your portfolio the system deems most at risk of failure/insolvency.
  • Unique data feeds such as unadvertised petitions: Notice of Intention (administrations) and moratoriums: Get ahead of looming insolvencies and take action to protect your debt or asset position.
  • Interactive reporting and customisable segmentation: Choose from a menu of areas you would like to monitor and analyse more closely.
  • Risk categorisation against external payment performance trends: Determine how well your customers are paying other suppliers.
  • Sector analysis, national trends and geographical risk review: Easily segment and view risk bandings to highlight emerging trends within your client base or supply chain.

If you’d like to book a free demonstration of PRM, or any of our other creditor solutions tools, get in touch with Keith Marshall.

Portfolio risk manager portal

PRM’s secure online interactive dashboard identifies, categorises and manages risk within your lending portfolios, customer base or supply chain.