We offer an innovative and cost-effective business-to-business debt recovery solution. Our expertise spans utilities, telecoms, asset-based lending and business restructuring. We have a proven track record in helping our clients reduce bad debt risk incurred through dissolved businesses, winding up petitions and trading administrations. We can also undertake full debtor ledger reviews, debtor verification and white labelling projects. Our services are supported by our specialist platforms and interactive real-time reporting tools.

Real-time reporting

We provide our clients with a remotely accessible, customisable, and interactive reporting suite. The dashboards can be tailored to display important and high-level information such as collection rates, pipeline promises and disputes.

Portfolio risk analysis

Using our proprietary Portfolio Risk Management (PRM) and Tracker systems, we perform a review of debtor credit and financial risk. We can also undertake a full portfolio risk analysis report. This data allows us to tailor our debt path according to recent adverse events such as risk rating, County Court Judgments, applications to dissolve and winding up petitions. It also enables us to make more informed collection decisions.

Extensive industry expertise

Our knowledge and relationships across a number of industries enable us to customise our approach so that debtor recoveries are maximised, and bad debt write-offs, minimised. We have relationships with solicitors and special agents which allow for clear, transparent, and cost-effective escalation strategies, should they be required.

Brand-safe recoveries

We have ISO27001 certification and undertake regular internal and external audits to ensure our processes are compliant and fit for purpose. We employ safeguards for managing vulnerable customers, such as a segregated debt path, ensuring full compliance with policies for treating customers fairly. Our clear and transparent complaints process provides a brand-safe approach.

If you’d like to find out more about our debt and receivables management services, please get in touch with Keith Marshall.