Our creditor assist team is led by licensed insolvency practitioners who help our clients manage at-risk and insolvent debtors. This specialist expertise, combined with our proprietary technology such as Tracker and Portfolio Risk Manager (PRM), provides our clients with insights and tools required to proactively manage their customer portfolios and minimise bad debts.

Proactive account management

We help our clients put together a watch list of customers that are at risk of default. This allows non-performing accounts to be identified and strategically managed at an early stage.

Our team holds regular sessions with our clients to review at-risk customers and obtain legal input where required. The objective is to ensure that clients proactively engage with their customers and use all available options to minimise bad debt risk - while enhancing returns.

Expert insights

We have strong, established connections throughout many lenders, such as HMRC and other stakeholders. These relationships, combined with, our experience as qualified insolvency practitioners, and proprietary technology, means we can provide insightful guidance and solutions to help enhance recovery outcomes for our clients.

Insolvency training

If you’d like your team to better understand insolvency events, recovery options and repayment strategies, we can create bespoke training for your needs. Whether delivering this in-house or virtually, we’ll make sure it’s tailored to your most pressing concerns.

A joined-up approach

We work with colleagues from across RSM to help our clients with every aspect of customer payment and creditor risk issues.

If you’d like to find out more about our creditor assist services, please get in touch with Keith Marshall or Annabel Gray.