Buy side services

Pre-transaction due diligence and advice is key to the success of our clients’ business transactions.

Due diligence is the investigation of matters that will directly impact a business’s current or future value. We work with our clients to start investigations at the earliest stage, with services like bid support and red-flag identification. Our senior-led teams also carry out full scope due diligence - and support our clients through the, often-complex, completion mechanism process.

Sell side services

Our trusted professionals provide advice to our clients on key matters around selling their business or seeking investment into their business. Our extensive transactional experience means we are perfectly positioned to address often complex and unique challenges, helping sellers maximise value.

Our sell-side products and services are available to support you in a way that’s right for you and for your transaction. 

Senior-led and industry focused approach

At RSM, we believe experience in our delivery team is crucial to due diligence investigations. Our senior-led due diligence teams have advised on hundreds of complex situations in the last few years alone.

We take a situational approach, which allows us to integrate our extensive industry expertise into our deal teams. We also work on cross border transactions with our colleagues across the RSM Global network of transactional teams.

No two deals are the same meaning our solutions are tailored to each clients’ needs, however, our core financial due diligence will provide insights on: 

  • an in-depth understanding of the historical and current financial performance of the business, including the working capital profile and cash generation of the business;
  • a critique of management’s forecast assumptions; 
  • an understanding of how suitable the financial systems and control environment are for the ongoing needs of the business; and 
  • analysis of the key tax attributes of the business.

Looking beyond the numbers

The deal world is increasingly complex, but our teams understand due diligence beyond the basic financial considerations. Our analysis and understanding can provide you with operational or other insights that can improve the business going forward. Our other due diligence services can be integrated into the financial work or undertaken on a bespoke basis including: 

Solutions and pragmatic advice

We use the latest data analytics tools to make sure our due diligence investigations provide clear and concise answers to our client’s key questions. 

RSM’s advanced analytics team works collaboratively with the financial due diligence team to embed data analytics in key transaction processes for our clients. Our aim is to bring clarity to avoid data issues and help processes run efficiently.

Our due diligence partners give considered opinions and insights that draw clear, unambiguous conclusions. We can deliver our feedback through written reports or through conversations with key players in your business.

Get in touch with Rob McCarthy to discuss more about our financial due diligence services. 

Rob McCarthy
Rob McCarthy
Head of Transaction Services
Rob McCarthy
Rob McCarthy
Head of Transaction Services