There can be many reasons why you need to fundraise. It could be to navigate a difficult time, to fuel growth plans, or form part of a wider transaction. Typically, businesses raise finance from either a private equity firm (including family offices), a lender (the banks or debt funds) or the capital markets (a stock exchange). We can help you assess your funding requirements and options.

Finding a type of funding that suits you, the appropriate partner to raise that funding and negotiating key commercial terms is at the heart of what we do. Our transactions team will navigate the dynamic market on your behalf, identifying which lenders, funders or markets are open for business in your sectors. By drawing on our connections, we can find pockets of untapped liquidity to help target your efforts.

We also have an expert financial modelling team, with vast technical knowledge to help both you and investors assess funding capacity and visualise how different financial structures can support growth.

Our debt advisory, capital markets, private equity and project finance advisory services all tap into our fundraising solutions. 

For more information, please contact James Wild.