In today’s world, data is core to business success across sectors. Unlocking the business insights stored within it is a vital step in guiding business decisions, demonstrating value and speeding up the due diligence process.

Our team of dedicated data analytics specialists have experience across a broad range of use cases. We can help you generate insights on both the buy and sell side of a transaction, apply machine learning techniques to identify financial anomalies within a forensic investigation, or simply ensure your data is ready for whatever comes next. With our years of experience in informing critical decisions, we bring the clear insights you need at crucial times of your business’ lifecycle.

Transaction analytics 

Our advanced analytics team works collaboratively with the financial due diligence team to embed data analytics in key transaction processes for our clients. Our aim is to bring clarity to avoid data issues and help processes run efficiently.

On the buy side, data analytics will help you find the answers to your key questions quicker, discover more meaningful insights, and give you the visibility to make informed decisions.

On the sell side, our data analytics team help prime your data for a capital event, ensuring you’re prepared for scrutiny and anticipating likely questions and areas of challenge. We will work closely with you to evidence the key selling messages embedded in your data before presenting them in innovative and engaging ways, such as dynamic dashboards. By bringing your corporate story to life, we give potential investors the opportunity to explore your data and discover the true value of your business.

Data preparation 

Ensuring your data is complete, cleansed and robust is vitally important for all businesses, even more so if you’re preparing for a capital event.

We understand that preparing for a capital event can be a time-consuming and disruptive process. We have the expertise to focus on what is most important for your business at this stage. Our experts will help you create a comprehensive data cube that will prove invaluable in driving an efficient process whilst minimising disruption to normal business operations.

Dynamic dashboards

A dynamic dashboard is an effective way to unlock valuable insights hidden within your data. By building dashboards bottom up, starting with the most granular elements of your data, you will be able to drill into detail and manage access to this data. At the same time, our dashboard presents your data in ways you may not have seen before, surfacing new insights and helping you analyse overall trends.

Our data analytics team has the expertise to build and securely host a dynamic Microsoft Power BI dashboard to present information during a corporate finance transaction or help you monitor the ongoing development of your business.

We will work collaboratively with you throughout the process, ensuring that we fully understand the key metrics and KPIs that drive your business’ success. By building these metrics in an interactive, user-friendly environment, we help you showcase key selling messages or optimise day-to-day operations. 

Interactive databooks

A dynamic databook is a useful way to simplify complex data into a user friendly, digestible format. Our experts will use data analytics tools to consolidate and reconcile vast quantities of data, before populating a dynamic Microsoft Excel workbook.

This workbook can be divided and explored in any number of ways, enabling you to identify the key drivers of your business. In situations where your business has gone through group restructurings, multiple acquisitions or hive ups, this tool is particularly helpful in giving you a clear view of what’s happened historically from an organic and acquisition perspective.