An objective company valuation is critical for meeting compliance regulations and steering your business decisions. Our valuations team will give you an independent and expert picture of your business’ standing in the market.

Valuations hinge on everything from the underlying financials of your business to market conditions. We will draw on our cross-sector expertise and work closely with you to understand the entire environment you operate within. Our focus is on providing insightful and commercially-led advice as opposed to deep technical overload, to help guide your strategic thinking.

Our team provides independent, expert valuation advice covering shares, debt, and intangible assets for the following situations:

  • supporting commercial transactions;
  • shareholder dispute resolution;
  • expert witness;
  • fairness opinions;
  • financial reporting and fair value considerations (UK GAAP, IFRS, US GAAP);
  • financial restructuring;
  • corporate tax;
  • Companies Act (section 593);
  • supporting listings; and
  • pre-pack administrations.

Where advisable, we work closely with teams across due diligence, capital markets, mergers and acquisitions, forensics, financial reporting advisory, tax, restructuring and capital markets. This multi-team approach means you can seamlessly tap into wider expertise through a single point of contact. 

Global valuations experience

As an international business, we give access to our valuation knowledge and experience in 120 countries. Our UK-based international specialists will give you the assurance you need in your overseas operations. We work closely with our international colleagues to deal with any cross-border issues quickly and efficiently.