Even for serial investors and acquirers, the challenges and complexities of taking a deal from an idea to execution can be immense. Deals require focus and discipline across multiple parallel workstreams to identify and resolve a wide range of issues and challenges. No two deals are alike and often one or both of the parties will be being exposed to several issues for the first time. 

We offer a range of deal support services aimed at reducing that complexity, enabling our clients to access support specific to their needs for any given transaction. 

Data analytics: Providing a transparent and comprehensive data set that supports the business’ story is key to preparing a business for sale. Similarly, an in-depth analysis of a target’s data can provide potential buyers with valuable insights. We can assist on both the buy and the sell side.

Valuations: Our valuation team has extensive expertise in both testing the commercial valuation pre-deal for carve-outs and acquisitions; and addressing the post-deal accounting led considerations such as goodwill allocations.

Business and financial modelling: A robust and flexible financial model is critical to understanding any deal. We bring leading edge technical expertise in modelling to provide robust and flexible modelling solutions, and to free up client teams so they can focus on the commercial aspects of a deal and maintaining their business-as-usual activities.

SPA advisory: The sale and purchase agreement is intended to capture the deal agreed between buyer and seller. However, it can often cause issues where that deal is not properly interpreted in the contracts. Our SPA advisory team can provide advice to help you avoid or remedy potential issues .