International services

Doing business in the USA and North America

US companies setting up in the UK and UK companies investing in the US often assume that cultural and language similarities will make the process relatively easy. But there are significant differences in each market that need to be thoroughly understood to maximise the chances of success.

Our US desk provides expert advice to businesses with existing global operations and those that are looking to take their first steps in a new market. Our multi-disciplinary team can provide support and detailed insight to help you build your business and avoid regulatory pitfalls.

Supporting you from both sides of the Atlantic

Our US desk members are located across the UK and are supported by a number of US ex-pats.

They work in alliance with RSM in the US, giving you direct access to the specialists you need on both sides of the Atlantic.
  • USA
  • Canada


RSM has coverage across five regions in the USA: Northeast, Southeast, Great Lakes, Central and West.


RSM has offices across Canada servicing the main Canadian industry sectors.