Insight4housing is a comprehensive digital solution for social housing associations seeking effective risk and compliance management.

Insight4housing encompasses the full suite of solutions offered by Insight4GRC but is uniquely tailored for housing associations. Its primary objective is to facilitate the tracking, management, and monitoring of various aspects crucial to housing associations using 4action, 4risk, 4policies and 4questionaires.

The benefits of using Insight4housing

Insight4housing helps alleviate administrative burdens across the organisation. The platform utilises customisable and interactive dashboards, providing clear oversight to senior management, the board, and sub-committees on:

  • damp, mould and condensation assurance activities and outcomes;
  • tenant satisfaction survey analysis, remedial action progress and responses;
  • improvement and action progress (eg internal audit recommendations and risk actions); and
  • policy acceptance ratings and document management.

Download our Insight4housing guide to learn more about the benefits to your housing association. 

Client testimonials

West of Scotland Housing Association

‘The Insight4grc software suite has enabled us to streamline our internal processes, reduce time spent on admin and ensures policy management and action implementation is up to date and easily monitored.’

Director of Corporate Services

West Kent Housing Association

'West Kent uses the Insight4housing software to manage our strategic risk register and controls framework. The software is enabling us to streamline and improve reporting on risk and controls and the team have been responsive in evolving the software to meet our needs.’

Head of Risk and Governance


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Insight4GRCâ„¢ is a cloud based GRC solution that provides management teams with the ability to efficiently manage risks and controls, track actions, communicate policies and procedures.