A digital solution built to help pension schemes meet their Effective System of Governance (ESOG) and Own Risk Assessment (ORA) requirements.

The Insight4GRC platform has been running for over 15 years, and is used by over 325 clients, across all sectors. It is this established technology and infrastructure that RSM has built the Insight4Pensions solution on. 

From an innovation perspective, our risk management technology is continuously developed based upon our experience, expertise as well as our user forum programme.

Digitise your risk management function and provide an effective system of governance   

The new ‘General Code’ from The Pensions Regulator (TPR), emphasises the need for trustees of pension schemes to have a risk management function, alongside an ESOG. With the greater focus on control effectiveness, we are seeing increasing levels of overlap between these two elements. It’s crucial that pension schemes not only recognise this but manage these elements with a joined-up approach.

What are the benefits of using Insight4Pensions?

Insight4Pensions reduces the administration burden faced by pension schemes by automating key processes. The platform can help manage and report on risks, controls and assurance in a cost-effective way, explore the full benefits by downloading our Insight4pensions guide. 

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Interactive dashboard reports

Dashboards provide instant oversight across the scheme on the risks, controls, assurance and provide actions attributable to them.
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Full assurance mapping

Insight4Pensions allows managers to prompt the control owners to review the effectiveness of controls based on what the sources of assurance are telling them.
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Documentation management

The platform acts as a central library for key scheme policies, and other governance related documentation, enabling the review dates to be monitored, and the documentation to be accessed and linked through to the ESOG and risk reporting.
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Dedicated support desk

Alongside on-going access to the Insight4Pensions advisory team, our UK-based support team are on hand five days a week to provide support.
Insight4pensions – Helps trustees to digitise their effective system of governance

In this video Adam Lickorish demonstrates our Insight4Pensions software platform that is designed to provide Trustees and pension managers better oversight and understanding of their risk and control environment.

How can Insight4Pensions manage your risk management requirements?

Insight4Pensions is built on our Insight4GRC software platform which is used by many leading private, public and third sector organisations - from local councils through to PLC’s. The platform allows businesses to manage their governance, risk and compliance requirements. Backed by one of the leading advisory firms in the UK, and our dedicated risk consultants, Insight4Pensions helps ensure you have a highly effective risk management function and system of governance in place.

  • More than just software
  • Dedicated risk experts
  • Cross sector expertise

More than just software

Insight4Pensions is an extensive technology driven service line dedicated to your success.

RSM is one of the largest providers of risk management advisory services in the UK with over 650 clients across all sectors. Our experts understand your challenges and work with you to overcome any obstacles.

Dedicated risk experts

To ensure your solution meets your scheme needs, all Insight4Pensions product development, support and implementation is carried out by highly experienced GRC advisory professionals.

Cross sector expertise

Our clients benefit from our breadth of knowledge as we tailor solutions to the specific challenges and opportunities faced by different sectors.

Access to our industry specific teams ensures our clients receive solutions that are precise, relevant, and effective in helping them achieve their objectives.


'Implementing the platform has been a great experience, from the transition to software, through to the additional training provided to the Trustee Board. It has really added value as we are now able to consider the risks in real time and report to the Board using the interactive dashboard. The RSM team are very attentive and professional and able to interact with the Trustees to get their engagement. I really enjoyed working with the RSM team and I felt they were supportive throughout – nothing was too much trouble. They are experts in their field.'

Network Rail CARE Pension Scheme
Network Rail Defined Contribution Pension Scheme 


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Insight4GRC™ is a cloud based GRC solution that provides management teams with the ability to efficiently manage risks and controls, track actions, communicate policies and procedures.