Vendor due diligence

Potential acquirers of your business need to understand your company’s finances at appropriate stages. With RSM’s vendor due diligence service, you can provide this information in a balanced and proactive manner and manage the release of information in line with your interests.

When selling all or part of a company, you will be able to secure reliable potential bidders by providing a thorough and up-to-date review of your business and its finances.

Vendor due diligence is a full, methodical and rigorous process that can provide prospective purchasers and their advisors with more information about your business at an early stage without allowing them direct access to your business.

It also allows you as the vendor to manage the presentation of information. In addition, vendor due diligence provides you with an opportunity to take pro-active steps to address any issues that we identify. In this way, a vendor due diligence report can provide balanced support to both the vendor and the prospective purchasers, giving the vendor more control over the transaction and the release of information.

Our vendor due diligence service can:

  • enable the early identification of issues, giving you an informed platform on which to negotiate;
  • give you more control of the timetable and information flow to prospective purchasers;
  • keep disruption to your business to a minimum; and
  • provide support to the information memorandum to ensure prospective buyers are presented with consistent messages.

For more information about our process and the benefits of our vendor due diligence service, contact Peter Vandervelde, Head of Due Diligence at RSM.