Corporate due diligence

Let RSM conduct corporate due diligence on your behalf to ensure you’re well informed about the business you’re looking to acquire. Let RSM help you understand the financial risks on acquisition and after.

Thorough due diligence is an essential safeguard in the transaction process. It incorporates a review designed to give comfort on and provide an understanding of the financial performance of the business, and makes an assessment of financial risk. Effective due diligence can protect value on the completion of the transaction and can lay also the groundwork for the successful integration of an acquired business post-transaction.

With due diligence, we know how best to obtain information from targets and where to look for the potential pitfalls. We can report both to the acquirer and, where appropriate, to the funders.

All due diligence activity will be defined specifically in line with each deal, but it invariably includes.

  • a detailed analysis of:
    • the underlying historic performance;
    • cash flows; and
    • assets and liabilities.
  • A critique of management’s forecasts, including the working capital requirements of the business;
    • a review of the underlying financial systems and controls;
    • a review of contractual commitments; and
    • an analysis of the taxation position of the business. 

For more information about our corporate due diligence services, please get in touch with Peter Vandervelde, our Head of Due Diligence.