Integrity due diligence

Conducting integrity due diligence is an often-essential means of protecting yourself in advance of a potential investment, such as a joint venture or acquisition. RSM can provide you with the detailed, up-to-date intelligence you need to make strategic decisions.

If your business is entering into a joint venture, acquisition or other major investment, we can help you with the integrity due diligence that may need to be conducted on your future partner or investee. 

Equally, you may wish to undertake integrity due diligence on a new supplier, distributor or agent, particularly if they are operating in parts of the world where corporate governance has historically been weak. Integrity due diligence is also sometimes conducted on individuals, for example when a business is seeking to make a new senior hire, or when a venture capital firm is looking to back a management buyout.

The process of conducting integrity due diligence involves the confidential gathering of information on these actual or potential business partners, for strategic risk management purposes. By providing tailored, in-depth, up-to-date intelligence, our aim is to assist clients in their strategic decisions and provide them with greater peace of mind around their key business relationships.

Please get in touch with us to discuss whether integrity due diligence is necessary in your circumstances and how it can potentially benefit your organisation.