Business continuity

In an unpredictable world, organisations need detailed, robust plans to ensure business continuity. Going far beyond data backup and recovery, RSM’s experienced team can help you work through the risks to your operations and increase your organisation’s resilience.

Most organisations have had to critically review their existing plans and processes for operational continuity. This process has been driven by global adverse events, terrorist threats, hackers, software viruses and increasing pressures from regulators and insurers. Business Continuity Planning (BCP) covers much more than IT back-up and recovery processes. Our experienced professionals approach BCP from an effective commercial standpoint.

We will support your planning process and deliver a solution which is tailored from beginning to end. We take a phased approach, breaking our methodology into the components that meet your specific needs. As active members of the Business Continuity Institute (BCI) we have vast experience of helping organisations to think through how their business could be affected. Our goal is to work in partnership to develop robust plans that ensure your operations will continue. Our services include:

  • IT resilience assurance services;
  • business continuity planning - assurance and development; and
  • IT disaster recovery - assurance and development.

To find out how RSM’s resilience services team can help strengthen your organisation, please contact Steven Snaith, Head of IT assurance services.

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