Fraud risk services

Fraudulent activity can negatively impact any organisation, whether it be through reputational fall out or lost and stolen assets or finances. It is crucial for organisations to have the right policies, procedures and independent support on hand to help prevent and resolve any fraudulent risks. 

Our fraud risk services team can help you navigate any fraud-related issues. Our team includes investigators and counter fraud specialists who work across all sectors, business types and jurisdictions.  

Fraud, bribery and corruption

We know that fraud, bribery and corruption will be high on any organisation’s risk agenda. The best protection is always implementing the right preventative measures. Stopping fraudulent activity before it happens allows for financial savings and helps in protecting reputation – a critical factor for maintaining the trust of your stakeholders. 

Understanding how to prevent and deal with fraudulent behaviour is key. Our team has extensive experience of working with organisations to strengthen awareness and control mechanisms to minimise fraudulent activity and ensure compliance with the Ministry of Justice’s Bribery Act 2010 adequate procedures guidance.  

How can RSM help?

Our team of experienced Counter Fraud Specialists are well versed in complex investigations, proactive prevention exercises and bespoke training to strengthen control mechanisms and minimise the risk of fraud or bribery occurring.

Ensure you are staying ahead of these issues by speaking with Tim Merritt about any of the following:

  • Investigations
    Our team manage fraud and financial irregularity investigations for corporates, regulators and the public sector, ranging from small employee-perpetrated frauds to large cross-border investigations.
  • Prevention, detection and deterrence
    We can assist you in identifying and assessing the risk of fraud within your organisation; and advise on, and deploy, bespoke mitigation strategies, inclusive of;
    • Fraud and bribery risk assessment
    • Bribery Act – adequate procedures compliance
    • GovS013: Counter Fraud compliance
    • Policy fraud risk governance
    • Bespoke fraud and bribery awareness training and e-learning
    • Bespoke proactive prevention and detection reviews
    • Recruitment and right to work

  • Whistleblowing
  • Forensic technology
    Our forensic technology experts investigate and report upon digital-based evidence, including metadata, data provenance, internet activity, destruction of evidence and copying. We will work closely with you to understand your key concerns and risks and develop a tailored solution specifically for your business.