Contract management assessment and improvement

It is not good enough to negotiate a great deal. Successful organisations know that they also need to manage the contract effectively throughout its operational life if they are to get the value they deserve. Having robust contract management in place is therefore crucial.

Why contract management is a priority?

Increased outsourcing, greater reliance on contracts to deliver business critical services and high profile contract failures are forcing both private and public sector organisations to recognise that effective contract management is critical to their success.

Amplified demands on governance, risk and compliance management and pressure on organisations to maximise value for money and realise savings through contracts has also pushed contract management onto most business leaders’ agendas.

How we can help you?

Over the years, we have worked with a number of private and public sector organisations who want to improve their contract management capability. We have worked with them to:

  • benchmark their existing contract management function against our best practice contract management framework to assess their maturity and identify gaps. During this assessment, we pay particular attention to the organisation’s unique circumstances, risks and contract landscape ensuring that any recommendations are tailored to the organisation; and
  • design and implement improvements in their contract management processes and controls including:
    • developing contract management toolkits;
    • implementing effective contract management processes and controls for specific contracts; and
    • providing contract management training.

We have the relevant experience and proven methodology to help you accelerate your contract management improvement journey. For more information on how we can help you improve your contract management please contact Walter Akers.