Capital and complex projects contracts

Set your contracts and projects up for success

Almost all large projects involve significant contracts and supply chains. Yet there is often little focus on commercial/contract management during project set-up and delivery. We help organisations understand how to manage contracts and third parties within a complex project environment and to avoid the common pitfalls.

Delivering projects on time, within budget and to specification has always been difficult for a numerous reasons, such as:

  • commercially complex high-risk and high-cost endeavours (for both client and supplier organisations) often demand sophisticated contractual relationships with a number of key suppliers and their sub-contractors;
  • always top of mind for CEOs, boards, shareholders and stakeholders alike, and are generally in the public domain – resulting in pressure and a spotlight on delivery teams; and
  • made up of multi-faceted and multi-layered programmes of work that are inherently difficult to co-ordinate and manage; often demanding a unique combination of leadership, creativity, teamwork and technical delivery skills across diverse sets of specialist teams and organisations.

In addition, how do you know if your contract(s) and commercial management of the project is set-up for success? Are your delivery partners incentivised to make the project work or do they make more profit if the project overruns?

As commercial contract specialists and advisors, we are critically aware of the challenges that complex programmes present to organisations. We have the experience and skills to identify the commercial pitfalls and help you manage these.

For more information on how we can help ensure success with your projects please contact Walter Akers.