Corporate restructuring

To give your organisation the best chance of recovery, you need to react quickly and intelligently to signs of decline. Work in partnership with RSM’s corporate restructuring experts to diagnose and deal decisively with the issues you face.

For many organisations, the combination of a dip in trading and a gap in cash flow may be enough to cause pressure or even a crisis. Whatever the reason, financial distress erodes confidence in both business and shareholder value. 

When faced with such a situation, it is essential that you move swiftly and decisively to implement corrective measures. The sooner you seek specialist advice, the more likely a recovery can be made.

If dealt with promptly and intelligently at the early stages of the decline curve, it's possible to maximise your recovery opportunities. By contrast, neglecting or misdiagnosing the situation could eventually lead to insolvency and failure.

At RSM, we provide advise boards and other stakeholders (lenders, investor groups, creditors, landlords) on crisis stabilisation, turnaround strategy strategies and planned restructuring plans. Our turnaround and restructuring specialists can help you handle some of the tough decisions and negotiations. This often leads not only to improved outcomes, but also enables us to take some of the stress and strain off our clients’ shoulders.

We'll make sure all available options for renewing a business and revitalising prospects are considered, including accelerated mergers or acquisitions, providing forecast assurance to external stakeholders where necessary.

Through our international network we're also able to draw upon local knowledge for most assignments that cross borders. Our list of successes includes rescue and restructuring projects around the globe.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information about how we can help your organisation.