Insolvency claim management

Work with us for a hands-off insolvency claim management service, using the Dividend Watch system.

From proof of debt through to final dividend, RSM creditor services team’s approach to insolvency claim management is hands-on at all stages. Following the creditors’ meeting, all claims are monitored and managed under the highly innovative Dividend Watch system. This system gives live case information as well as the detailed custom reporting needed for strategic insights.

The benefits include:

  • admittance/management of entire claims;
  • professional creditors’ meeting representation;
  • an end to ‘missed’ cases;
  • more and higher insolvency dividends, and lower costs;
  • virtual elimination of internal admin workloads; and
  • comprehensive information and reporting via Dividend Watch.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us to find out more about our approach to insolvency claims management and how it can benefit you.