Dividend watch

Dividend Watch offers much more than a way to raise dividends . Streamline your admin, manage large numbers of claims, highlight business opportunities, and gain and leverage new commercial insights. 

The unique Dividend Watch system gives you comprehensive live case information and enables you to work with detailed customised reports. It was designed by licensed Insolvency Practitioners (IPs) to turn insolvency claims and individual voluntary arrangements into a more valuable and predictable commercial resource.

First and foremost, Dividend Watch ensures that claims are not overlooked and that key deadlines are met. The system also transforms dividends into a predictable revenue stream for your organisation. 

However, claim management goes beyond raising dividend levels. Dividend Watch offers entirely new strategic commercial insights. Unparalleled Management Information (MI) highlights business opportunities and informs future planning. All types and sizes of client use Dividend Watch as an important part of their wider business process. Reporting is highly customisable, and many users across the enterprise benefit from views designed to meet their specific business needs.

Dividend Watch also uses a dedicated data exchange facility, Sharefile, putting an end to error-prone file swapping. You can now manage essentially any volume of claims with minimal admin.

The benefits include:

  • more and higher dividends, plus lower internal costs;
  • ad-hoc and regular reporting;
  • custom online reporting and status updates;
  • admittance/management of entire claim;
  • feedback on creditors’ meetings;
  • excellent reconciliation and an end to ‘missed’ cases;
  • cash flow projections;
  • new strategic insights; and
  • significantly reduced internal admin workloads.

If you’re interested in securing higher dividends and gaining new insights while cutting your costs and workload, please get in touch with Keith Marshall.