Debt collection

We can manage and collect your debt proactively, using the Tracker system to warn you of adverse developments at the earliest stage possible.

The debt collection services we provide use trained financial professionals at every stage, supported by licensed insolvency practitioners. We comply fully with CSA codes of conduct to safeguard your brand reputation, and all engagements will be approved by you. Client audits are encouraged, with full access to both calls and notes.

Events often move fast, and the Tracker system allows collectors to see any adverse changes quickly, often before they are public knowledge. A case’s status can be changed rapidly, and appropriate new measures taken while they can still yield results. Our commitment to detailed investigation and our committed, rigorous approach to debt collection have led to more unusual measures, such as applying to have a company reinstated. Where a debtor proceeds to insolvency, the meetings team can arrange professional representation at the creditors’ meeting if desired, avoiding delays and protecting a creditor’s position.

Financial institutions

We have a specialist unit that deals with the pursuit, management and collection of debt owed by individuals to financial institutions. This work includes pursuing personal loans, credit card debt and director/shareholder guarantees.

The benefits include:

  • brand-safe collections by financial professionals;
  • approved engagements and client audits;
  • rapid response to changing circumstances;
  • detailed investigations;
  • seamless escalation to other measures if required; and
  • a specialist financial institution unit.

For more information about our debt collection and other creditor services, please contact Keith Marshall.