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RSM’s cloud-based recruitment pay and bill service is continually enhanced based on the experiences of users from businesses of all sizes. Streamline and automate your systems, freeing up time and resources for your core business.

RSM’s recruitment pay and bill service is a cloud-based solution for streamlining and automating your processes for significant efficiency gains.

In a fast-paced environment, you need to be sure that every part of your business is working as hard as you. Poor back-office performance can drain your time and resources, distracting you from your real passion – growing your business.

Working with hundreds of recruitment clients, both large and small, has given us an unrivalled insight and allows our pay and bill service to draw upon extensive resources, knowledge and expertise from across our team to provide you with the right solution for your business.

Our pay and bill solution is powered by InTime, our leading cloud-based back office solution which we designed specifically for recruitment and staffing businesses. InTime automates and streamlines the core back-office functions of timesheet and expense processing, payroll, billing, contract management and reporting.

The software can offer you:

  • streamlined and automated processes where possible;
  • a paperless back office;
  • collaborative working between clients, candidates and your agency, boosting efficiency and visibility for all parties involved in the pay, bill and finance processes;
  • a real-time window to your business. We will ensure that senior management of your recruitment business has timely access to detailed and accurate information, essential to drive the business forward; and
  • more time and resources to focus on your company’s strategic aims.

Why our pay and bill service stands out

Here are some of the features that make our pay and bill system stand out from the rest.

A collaborative approach

No other recruitment back-office system provides the level of accessibility for placement information and the depth of functionality according to user group – namely, candidates, client managers, umbrella companies, second tier agencies and agency departments.

By focusing our development effort on self-service functionality, we can provide your business with greater savings and process efficiencies. Our service frees more time in areas such as query management, identifying placement errors, conflict resolution, reporting and administrative tasks. InTime provides greater transparency for all participants of the pay and bill process. These features support your sales efforts and provide you with a service differentiator when pitching for new business.

Streamlined timesheet processing

With multiple methods of timesheet capture you can be assured that, whatever recruitment sectors you operate within, timesheets can be captured quickly and efficiently. Timesheet capture methods include:

  • online submission - with online, faxback or email approval;
  • batch import via CSV – to support managed service contracts and client timesheet systems; and
  • agency bulk entry – perfect for quickly creating timesheets and placements for those workers with multiple placements within a pay period.

Speed of processing

A key challenge of developing leading cloud solutions is ensuring back-office processing speed is optimised. Having worked closely with large recruiters that process thousands of timesheets per week, we understand how to deliver systems which ensure fast processing speeds within your back office. Among our many innovations, we have reduced the need for pop-up screens on data entry and ensured that users can continue working even while processing large data runs.

Real-time self-service reporting

You will have 24/7 access to a suite of standard reports and the ability to create your own reports with our self-service timesheet report builder. This provides you with a quick and accurate window to your business.

Margin reporting, on a timesheet-by-timesheet basis, details whether a timesheet has been billed and paid. True margin is shown as our report takes into account actual employers’ NIC, pension costs and holiday accrued.

InTime also offers extensive real-time reporting for contractors, clients and agency departments, which includes:

  • pay and bill status dashboards;
  • automated AWR risk assessment and reporting;
  • gross margin reporting by agency/division/consultant with percentage parameters to warn if margins fall below required levels;
  • consultant split commission reporting;
  • new HMRC intermediary reporting;
  • consultant/team leader boards; and
  • paperless working.

InTime supports paperless working with sales invoices, supplier invoices, remittances and payslips all delivered by email or viewable online within the self-service portals.

Online contracts and compliance

Share documents for review and approval via the portal.

Request information and share compliance documents, for example passports and CRB checks, with automated document expiry notifications.

Alleviate the burden of Agency Worker Regulations with our AWR module, which shows contractor status in relation to compliance, colour coded to the severity of risk to the agency.

Invoice generation

Once timesheets have been processed and validated by you, your workers and client, delivery and upload to finance provider system.

Payroll and supplier payments

We can support limited companies, umbrella, PAYE and the Construction Industry Scheme.

Competitive advantage

We understand that providing clients with a highly innovative service is paramount. Having a system that can provide both workers and clients with higher levels of service, client reporting and complete transparency will lead to higher retention rates. Our service and cutting-edge technology enhance your client and worker relationships and enable you to stand out from your competitors.


Processing times are subject to further scoping and will be agreed when you sign up.

Flexibility and continuous improvement

Our service is flexible and can quickly respond to fluctuations in demand. We are always abreast of legislation with a continual program of system enhancements which we deliver to you, hassle free.

Links to your finance provider

Invoices are uploaded quickly with fewer queries and therefore cash becomes available promptly, ready to pay your candidates.

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Our back-office service to manage time and expense, payroll and billing for recruitment businesses. 

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