Outsourcing technology solutions

Work with our experts to find and implement technology-based solutions using the best software available, developed both in house and by third-parties.

Since 2006 RSM has been using the internet to deliver cloud-based solutions for its clients. Our professional service staff are supported by our in-house team of developers and IT specialists. We have adopted a best of breed approach, combining our own software applications such as InTime and InPay with leading, innovative third party software houses such as Twinfield.

RSM launched its client portal reporting platform in 2008 and it has been subject to continuous development ever since. It is browser-independent and can be accessed from most fixed and mobile devices. All our systems operate in real time.

Our online solutions provide a full range of services, covering:

We have designed our services for organisations which need a cost-effective, tailored alternative to managing their pivotal back-office functions in house. We manage the essential back-office functions, and each essential function is customised to our client's specific needs. This can be scaled up or down to reflect the organisation's growth and performance. All services are delivered via the internet.

Our payroll services are entirely cloud based. You can access your payslips via a secure self-service portal, whilst your finance and HR professionals can interrogate the system remotely and generate their own reports as they require.

Cloud-based solutions for the recruitment sector are used by agencies across Europe and farther afield. We now offer a unique solution to the sector, which includes time, expenses and billing capture and approval, as well as payroll and contractor payment processing. Over 120,000 timesheets are processed each month on our platform, and we also deliver over 3,000 payrolls.

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