Global management services

The last 20 years has seen an increasingly challenging and complex legislative landscape governing accounting and regulatory compliance, not only for those organisations already established internationally but also for those businesses taking their first steps into new global markets. Regulatory compliance and accounting requirements are evolving rapidly with the advent of technology, real-time reporting and the challenges of cyber security. If organisations struggle to meet their obligations, the ensuing financial penalties and reputational damage can be a significant barrier to growth.

Here at RSM we help our clients meet their global compliance obligations with confidence. Our services are divided into two areas:

  • global compliance services, which delivers local country and regulatory compliance services such as direct tax compliance and reporting, management and financial accounting, local statutory audits and local payroll, all co-ordinated through a project team in the UK; and
  • global VAT compliance services, which delivers centralised, UK based VAT compliance services.

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Global services

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