Inbound outsourcing

Expanding internationally is a complex business. By outsourcing a range of functions to RSM’s experienced inbound outsourcing team, you can make savings and reduce risks.

If international expansion is within your sights, it is essential that you have the right support to help you succeed and achieve:

  • reduced risk;
  • increased efficiency; and
  • reduced cost.

Our UK-based team has been working with inbound corporates for twenty years. Our specialism is in fast-growing, externally funded firms who are looking to expand into the UK. Our clients, who range from startups to pre- and post-IPO companies work with us to ensure their entry into the international arena, especially the European market, is a success.

For a downloadable guide on what to consider when expanding overseas, click here

For our downloadable guide to starting up in the UK click here.

You can watch a short animation explaining our services for companies starting up in the UK below.

Some clients want us to take control of the process in its entirety, providing a complete finance function and freeing them up to concentrate on running their business. Others are simply looking for support in a few areas. Whatever your situation, we can help you effectively navigate to the best solution.

By outsourcing your finance function we help you to control your costs and reduce your risk, and you’ll benefit from a robust, independent, integrated and compliant service.  We are able to grow with you long term and provide solutions in the following areas:

We know that expanding internationally entails many considerations. When entering a new market, our inbound outsourcing team will be on hand to act as the focal point for all your accounting requirements. We are able to leverage our broad expertise, such as converting between US and UK GAAP, and we will efficiently liaise with our other international experts to co-ordinate services in areas such as:

  • structure - entity type, permanent establishment and revenue structuring;
  • tax - transfer pricing, stock options, repatriation of funds;
  • employees - managing expatriates, ‘contractor’ versus ‘employee’ status;
  • indirect tax - VAT planning and compliance; and
  • assurance - audit and GAAP conversions.

Contact Mike Sables or Gayle Davies to find out more about our inbound outsourcing services.