RSM is committed to continuous improvement in each area of ESG. The principles we discuss with our clients are the same ones we apply to our business. 

Our board has agreed on our future objectives and how to achieve them. We have already made significant progress in a number of areas:

  • We are on track to achieve our objective of reducing our carbon emissions by 60% (based on their pre-pandemic levels) by 2030.

  • Also by 2030, we are on schedule to become net-zero carbon users by: 
    • eliminating all gas usage;
    • reducing our paper use by 75%;
    • eliminating landfill waste;
    • using 100% renewable electricity, with a 50% reduction in total electricity consumption; and
    • cutting business travel, on average per person, by 50% for cars, 20% for trains and 40% for planes.
  • In spring 2021, RSM made a commitment to the 10,000 Black Interns programme. The programme seeks to transform the prospects of young Black people by offering work experience to 2,000 individuals each year, for five consecutive years. 

  • In October 2021, RSM joined with the Royal National Children’s Springboard Foundation to create a mentoring programme. RSM employees were matched with young adults from disadvantaged backgrounds to provide advice and the beginnings of a professional network. The mentoring programme took place over six months, developing mentees' skills in areas such as CV writing.

  • We partner with a number of schools to encourage school children to consider a career in accountancy. We have a school leavers recruitment programme, to train and retain young people within the firm. RSM also supports university graduates through a three-year graduate programme that leads to professional qualifications in their chosen discipline. Each year, we take on hundreds of graduates around the country.

  • In 2021, RSM UK introduced a volunteering scheme for staff. Everyone at RSM has been given an additional day’s leave to volunteer in their local community. 

  • As of 2022, the RSM UK Foundation has donated more than £2m to charitable causes.

  • We are a signatory to the Valuable 500, which will help us to focus on attracting, recruiting and retaining disabled talent.

  • In 2022, we undertook a full review of our business using our ESG maturity assessment. It identified that RSM has different levels of maturity across all three phases of ESG. We now have an action plan to address this. 

  • Through our ‘Listen, Educate, Act’ strategy, guided by our national Diversity and Inclusion steering group, we have created seven employee networks: 
    • EmBRACE; 
    • Black Employee Network; 
    • PRiSM; 
    • Empower; 
    • Family Forward; 
    • Faith; and 
    • EnABLE.

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