Dedicated ESG team

Each business needs to tackle ESG differently. That’s why we have built a team of experienced experts. With over 20 years of experience, our team spends time with you and your business to understand the details that make your business tick. With that insight, we create an ESG strategy that is unique to your organisation and its objectives. 

ESG is perhaps more complicated than most business challenges because it is still a developing concept. This is where credible knowledge becomes so important.

Across each pillar of ESG, we have invested in people who have developed their knowledge and specialisms alongside the evolution of ESG. The end result is that we can provide expert advice across each element of ESG whilst giving you confidence that the advice you receive is backed up by real, specialist knowledge.  

Meet our ESG leadership team

Mark Taylor Mark Taylor

Regional Managing Partner, Central, Head of ESG

Karl George Karl George MBE

Partner, Head of Governance

Rich Hall Rich Hall

Partner, Head of Sustainability

Paul Callum Paul Callum

Associate Director, ESG

Steven Radcliffe Steven Radcliffe

Director, Due Diligence

Kathy Hobbs Kathy Hobbs

Associate Director, ESG

Tom Proverbs Garbett Tom Proverbs-Garbett

Associate Director, ESG