Finance function transformation

What does good look like for a finance function in the Digital era? Whilst it may vary dependent on your business, your sector and the stage you are at in your growth cycle, there are common traits:

  • they have a clearly defined operating model (they know what they do, and how they do it);
  • they have great technology underpinning the finance function – making them efficient and effective – with ever increasing levels of automation;
  • they close fast – with time spent in reviewing the numbers not on transactional processing;
  • they deliver insights not just data. Maybe through routinely available, high quality management information, perhaps they are leading the business around data analytics and business intelligence; and
  • they create an environment where finance staff can flourish not spend their life in excel – acting as partners and advisors to the business.

RSM’s finance transformation team can help you develop your digital finance function and the technology that underpins it.

We work with you to understand your current position, define where you want to be, and support you through the transformation. We define practical, deliverable plans to take you to the next level. That might involve changes to technology, processes or people (roles, culture, skills). It will probably require changes to all three.

Where technology is required as part of the transformation, we can advise on the right approach to software selection and implementation. And should you select one of them, our strategic partnerships with NetSuite, Microsoft and Host Analytics mean we have the implementation and change skills to help you get the most out of these technologies, and to deliver successful change. We are always happy to discuss in more detail about the Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) software providers available in the market so you make the right choice for your needs.

Contact Theresa Guermellou or Darren Mee to discuss how RSM can help you to transform your finance function.