Digital and IT strategy

How do you start to create a digital or IT strategy that is right for your business? From traditional challenges associated with IT service delivery through to decisions on how to invest in analytics, cloud and artificial intelligence, middle market organisations seldom have all the skills needed to define and implement an integrated digital/IT strategy.

Many SMEs as well as larger organisations still struggle with the fundamental elements of IT, often after a period of under-investment. Ageing IT infrastructure combined with software that was bought when the business was much smaller can act as a real brake on business growth if not addressed through a proper IT strategy.

Then there are behavioural and cultural aspects of adopting digital. Agile working practices are easy to understand in principle but hard to embed properly to create the type of innovative working practices which form the backbone of successful digital adoption.

Challenges SMEs and middle market face

RSM's IT strategy team understand the challenges that SMEs and middle market organisations face when thinking about IT investment. A lack of skills combined with limited resources makes planning IT investments difficult. Senior management know that change is needed with the business's IT, but don't know where to start.

Balanced IT ApproachTM

RSM brings a structured approach to IT strategy definition based on our Balanced IT ApproachTM. By assessing equally the business's needs in relation to IT governance, IT support & staffing and IT systems and data we work with your team to create a pragmatic IT investment roadmap that accommodates your budget constraints and prioritises areas which will deliver real improvement to IT users.

For organisations considering wider digital adoption, RSM is proud to offer our Digital Adoption Quick-StartTM service. Within two weeks our specialist team will assess your organisation's readiness for digital adoption and will recommend easy ways to get started with true digital enablement.

Contact Chris Knowles or Neil Favager to discuss how RSM can help develop your digital and IT strategy.

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