Digital and IT strategy consulting services

Helping to develop and drive your digital roadmap

The impact of digital technologies is evident everywhere. The world is transforming at an increasing pace. Things that took days now take minutes, or even seconds. Technologies such as cloud, AI, automation and mobile applications are disrupting long standing industries.

For businesses, this new technology landscape means competition from unexpected places. Customers are ever more demanding, expecting innovative products and innovative services. Businesses need to be able to adapt quickly to a changing landscape. But still manage compliance, risk and security. Management need real time information. 

IT consulting services from one of the UK's leading business advisory firms

RSM's award winning technology team provide digital transformation services to organisations across all sectors. Our Technology and Management Consulting practice consists of highly experienced business and IT consultants, who have strong experience of IT strategy, software selection and systems implementation. They have in-depth understanding of evolving technologies and best practice in delivering IT services. 

Services to help your business take advantage of digital opportunities

We develop IT strategies, roadmaps and investment cases for:

  • rapid growth or new business ventures; 
  • acquisitions and mergers; and
  • other planned business improvement, including replacement of IT systems.

We provide support and consulting on the delivery of new technology through:

  • specification and selection of new systems;
  • programme / project management; and
  • technology enabled business transformation, including digital / IT implementation, business process change and organisational change.

How do we do this?

Through tried and tested methodologies, RSM’s trained and experienced business and IT consultants bring a structured approach to digital and IT strategy. Tailored to the needs of the business, we draw upon industry insight to inform our strategic thinking. We assess your readiness for digital adoption and will recommend easy ways to get started. 

Contact David Rowling or Chris Knowles to find out how to improve customer experience, increase revenue, provide more streamlined business operations and allow for real-time, data-driven decision making. 

Digital and IT strategy consulting

The digital divide: How organisations are using their IT and digital strategy to gain a competitive advantage

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