Coaching and mentoring

Our clients, in both public and private sector, are operating in an increasingly complex environment, and need to adapt and change faster than ever before.

You might be in a leadership role in change as a sponsor of change; a non-executive member of a governance board; or a project / programme manager. If you are a leader of change and you recognise some of the questions below, the chances are you would benefit from having a coach.

  • Are you absolutely clear what your role in change entails?
  • Do you know what you can expect from others?
  • Are you getting the right information to be able to make the right decisions?
  • Do you know what to challenge to give you confidence that those you are expecting to deliver are delivering what it is needed?
  • Are your strategic objectives clear, unambiguous, meaningful and measurable?

The most effective way to make learning stick is to follow it up with coaching and mentoring. As well as facilitating transfer of training; focusing on an individual’s ability to integrate the learning; and building on the knowledge gained in the training; coaching supports the leader to be the best leader they can be in the often messy, uncertain, ambiguous world of change.

We have considerable experience in providing coaching and mentoring to:

  • Senior leaders of change (sponsors, executive and non-executive directors) to address challenges such as gaining clarity of their change role; having to wear different ‘hats’ at the same time - handling conflicting priorities, including juggling time and priorities between the role of the change leader and their ‘day job’; situational leadership; achieving the right balance between diving into detail and being too hands-off.
  • Project/programme managers to develop both their technical skills and the behavioural aspects of their role such as the ability to see beyond their current known constraints, equipping them to deal with disfunction, and develop leadership skills so that they can deliver projects/programmes more effectively.

Our coaches help your leaders develop through listening; informed, incisive and intuitive questioning; challenging; providing different perspectives to view the same problem; supporting; being a sounding board; and using knowledge of the change management; the challenges observed in different organisations; as well as coaching experience.

Experience tells us the one-to-one relationship is the key to successful coaching, so we always choose our coach to provide the best fit. We have coached and mentored members of Executive teams, Programme Sponsors, Heads of Programme, Programme Managers and PMO personnel. We also work with management teams delivering a project, programme or portfolio. In this way we’re able to enhance an organisation’s internal capability at one or more management levels. 

Our coaching approaches support the delivery of change, working to fully embed a range of best practices, tools and techniques – LEAN, Six Sigma, MSP®, P3O® and PRINCE2®. 

Contact Tanya Durlen or Paul Dowell to find out more on how to boost your organisation’s capability to deliver your change better.

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