Investment in quality is key to success

Our Transparency Reports portrays our continuing commitment to embedding a high quality audit culture throughout the firm. It gives details of how this is achieved through our people, ethics and independence and quality procedures, policies, monitoring and feedback from both staff and clients. The governance structure is also showcased including our legal structure, ownership, financial results and the operations of our international network.

Read the thoughts of our CEO, our Head of Audit and our Public Interest Committee as they reflect on the past year.

Rob Donaldson

QuoteCoronavirus and three lockdowns have had a significant impact on certain businesses and communities. RSM has been fortunate to have steered through the storm. Our revenue grew by 6 per cent for the year ended 31 March 2021, reaching £376 million.

Against a trend of trainee numbers falling nationally, RSM recruited 314 in its summer 2020 intake, up from the 224 university graduates and school-leavers it employed in summer 2019. Our drive to bring new talent into the business is a critical part of our bid to strengthen the wider growth of the firm from within its own existing ranks. We aim to become a first-choice employer of highly skilled people, and a leading adviser to middle market firms globally.

Rob Donaldson, CEO, RSM UK Holding Limited

Jonathan Ericson

QuoteOur firm’s culture is key to quality and our people are key to creating, maintaining and developing that culture. Throughout the pandemic our audit teams have had to go above and beyond to continue to deliver high-quality audits.

This year we invested in an Audit Quality Department to work alongside our newly appointed Head of Audit Quality, our technical and training teams, our management and the national Quality Assurance Department.

Jonathan Ericson, Head of Audit


QuoteAudit is in the spotlight and, whilst the BEIS consultation seeks to change behaviour through the medium of new rules and reporting obligations, firms and the regulator are also focusing on culture and how this, more elusive element, can help ensure audit continues to serve the public interest.

The Public Interest Committee is committed to working with the management of RSM UK Audit LLP to continually improve audit quality and develop an audit culture which fosters quality and attracts and retains the talent essential to the firm and to the profession.

Teresa Graham, Vijay Thakrar and Tom McMorrow
The Public Interest Committee

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