A commitment to people and quality

Our Transparency Report details the work we at RSM are doing to raise the standard by which Audit Quality is measured. It sets out the way we’re achieving this with investment in our people. This investment includes reinforcing our shared ethics and sense of responsibility through initiatives like the Culture Conference. We encourage our people to speak openly and to challenge us and each other. Feedback from our teams and our clients is incorporated into our working practices. 

The report also describes our governance structure, including our legal framework, ownership, financial results and the operations of our international network.

Find out more from our CEO, our Head of Audit and our Public Interest Committee as they share their reflections on the past year.


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Audit culture

We are committed to a high-quality audit culture, and to ensuring that our people make our audits valuable to both clients and society.

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Risk management

The effective identification and management of risks is central to the professional reputation of RSM UK and the achievement of our purpose, business model and strategic objectives.

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Quality service

Measuring how our clients feel about the quality of our service is very important to us. We act ethically and objectively, and treat our clients and each other with integrity and respect at all times. 

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QuoteIn February 2022, Best Companies recognised us as being an outstanding firm to work for. I’m delighted that RSM has received national accreditation for its commitment to its people. The last two years have been extremely challenging for everyone. We aim to look after our team’s wellbeing as well as ensure they see an exciting future with us and an ability to learn, grow and develop. By retaining our talent and ensuring RSM is a great place to work we will best be able to meet the needs of our clients..

Rob Donaldson, CEO, RSM UK Holding Limited

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QuoteAudit has been in the spotlight for several years. It is imperative that we continue to deliver robust quality audits, but we must also work with the regulators and the wider profession to continue making audit an attractive career. To this end, we ran a Conference of Culture. In a series of online workshops, we examined the impact culture has on building a business that can deliver quality audits. There was a particular emphasis on an individual’s ability to speak out and challenge the firm, not just audited entities.

Jonathan Ericson, Head of Audit

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Transparency Report 2022

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