In today's competitive retail market, achieving a strategic advantage is a complex challenge. At RSM, we combine our sector knowledge with a pragmatic delivery of value-adding services to put you ahead.

Understanding your business

Our specialist retail team is as passionate about your business as you. We have proven experience of supporting growing retail businesses to achieve their objectives and are committed to delivering a quality service, tailored to your individual needs.

Business improvement services

Cost-cutting strategies are the number one focus for retailers. There are opportunities to save money across the business, particularly in the areas of supply chain and distribution. Using a process optimisation approach we can help you do ‘more for less’ and deliver material savings.

IT advisory

We know that for a growing retailer, an effective IT strategy is key to success and expansion. We can help to define and implement an integrated retail IT strategy, covering electronic point of sale/e-commerce, to enterprise resource planning and web map service. 

Business modelling

The lifeblood of any business is the ability to forecast and plan cash flows accurately. Through development of cash flow models we are helping businesses to employ flexible systems designed for their organisation; not just an amalgamation of previous versions.

Funding growth

However you view your business’ future, standing still is not normally the right option. Domestic or international growth needs a careful strategy and adequate funding. There is money available from banks and investors alike but only for the best plans. We will help you create a convincing business strategy to satisfy funders and generate the necessary capital for growth.

International expansion

Moving into new markets is now a core strategy for many retailers. Failure to achieve this can be due to a lack of diligence.

Disposal of non-core assets

Unloved elements of a business are a continuing distraction to management but could have value in the hands of others. We help you to sell off your non-core assets, however marginal it may seem to do so.


International retail brands still see the UK as an important market for their products but doing business here can make extra demands on their international teams. We provide compliance and regulatory services covering tax compliance, payroll and company secretarial which allows your management team to concentrate on the bigger picture.

Small businesses

At the heart of many retail brands are the designers that work hard to keep the UK as a leader in fashion evolution. For many years we have provided business and financial advice to emerging designers, supporting them as they have grown. In many cases these names have gone on to international success. We work closely with the British Fashion Council and are committed to this area.

Contact our retail team today to discuss how we can help your business to thrive.

Tackling barriers to growth in the middle market

Brexit - brave new world

There is no doubt that Brexit will have far-reaching impacts, with reverberations felt across every sector. Many in the business world will understandably be concerned.

How does it affect you?

Technology in retail survey

Technology in retail 

Does technology have a new role to play in the fast-paced retail and consumer product world?

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