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The recruitment industry supports £86bn in gross value added across the economy. That is the equivalent of 4.3 per cent of GDP, around the same size as management consulting and larger than either the accounting or legal industries.

*according to figures from the Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC) published February 2021.

With over 36,075* recruitment businesses active in the UK and a 37.3 per cent* rate of survival, we understand how critical it is for recruitment businesses to get their strategic plans right."

Neil Thomas

*ONS, Business demography, UK, published November 2021

RSM helps recruitment companies at all stages of their development.

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Horizon planning

What key issues should recruiters be aware of? Download our latest guidance published in association with APSCo.

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What is the latest M&A activity in the Recruitment Sector?

Our corporate finance partner, Jonathan Wade, analyses and comments on the latest market trends.

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How can recruitment businesses harness technology for growth?

Our experts explain the pivotal role digital strategy has to play in today’s recruitment industry.

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Our leading pay & bill software specifically designed for the recruitment sector to streamline back office processing.

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