Professional services

Does your business have a clear strategy for growth in the current competitive landscape? Are you confused which business structure is most suitable for you? Is succession or staff retention a concern? Our specialist team helps professional services businesses like yours to maximise opportunities and minimise risk.

Our dedicated professional services team provides a full range of specialist services, from routine compliance to strategic advice and business transformation. Working with a range of professions, including lawyers, consultants, architects, surveyors, patent attorneys and recruitment consultants in the UK and internationally, we can help you overcome the challenges you face, including:

  • complying with increased government regulation, both in the UK and internationally;
  • identifying and adopting the appropriate strategy in competitive market conditions;
  • overcoming the constraints on working capital;
  • attracting, retaining and incentivising talent;
  • mitigating the increased risk of cyber fraud;
  • planning for succession and coping with departures or retirements of key individuals from the business;
  • ensuring your back office and front office procedures are efficient;
  • operating internationally in an effective and competitive manner, advising law firms from overseas on applying successful growth and tax strategies within the UK market; and
  • responding to the changing nature of the buyer of services.

Our team brings experience and knowledge of the sector, but we also want to know what matters to you and your business, so we can deliver a tailored solution that really meets your individual objectives.

Practical and relevant solutions to help your business succeed

Our position in the professional services marketplace enables us to not only influence technical and legislative developments for the benefit of our clients, but also to lead the way in identifying innovative and efficient solutions to your problems. What we can do:

  • advising on changing regulations for professional firms, in particular in the Legal Sector;
  • raising external debt or equity funding;
  • assisting with mergers, acquisitions, disposals or public offers;
  • advising on the most suitable business structure, whether corporate, LLP or hybrid;
  • reviewing working capital management policies to ensure the optimum use of cash resources;
  • creating effective remuneration strategies to reward and incentivise key staff and owners;
  • reviewing internal controls procedures and business processes to maximise efficiency and to deter fraud;
  • advising on succession planning issues to ensure a smooth transition or exit;
  • advising on the financial implications of operating in multiple jurisdictions with varying tax and regulatory landscapes;
  • providing effective personal tax planning for partners, directors and employees; and
  • advising on the adoption of fee-charging models and arrangements to assist with client care.

Contact our team today to discuss how we can help your business to thrive.

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